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Here at StartApp we like going to new places and meeting new people so last week we sent our Senior Account Manager, Ariel Shimoni, all the way to India’s own Silicon Valley in Bangalore! The reason for his long trip around the globe was the Next Generation Android 2012 conference.

Android enthusiasts from all over the world (but mostly from India J) flocked to the conference to hear the many different talks that took place. Several companies and developers gave interesting insights into the world of Android. StartApp’s partner, Apostek, gave a great talk at the conference on how Android developers could make a successful app. Their talk included some great pointers and tips that we are sure will be put to good use by the many developers in attendance. Here are some tips we liked –

  • Exclude old/low end devices to avoid those users giving 1 star ratings!
  • Make sure you use up your available impressions (with ad mediation or house ads).
  • Localize, Localize, and eh… Localize – you can reach out to a greater audience just by translating your Market page and app.

Another great talk was by Atley Hunter, an independent developer. He spoke about the issues surrounding the monetization of Android apps. He demonstrated this with the use of some unique case studies that had been based on his own apps. This was certainly very informative for all those in attendance as the issue of the monetization of Android apps is something that almost all developers in the Android ecosphere struggle with. Here are a few examples -

  • Plan your revenue model and integration as a part of building your app, and not after it’s done. Have it seamlessly incorporated to your app will make it more natural.
  • Freemium – Try and get a max of 3 clicks from in game to purchase. Any more will get you losing buyers in the path!
  • Use the power of social media to engage your users and increase retention!

One of the great things about this conference was all the different companies that work within the Android ecosphere but are not app related! That’s right – Android companies that are not app related! We know what you must be thinking – what do they do then? The answer is simply amazing! They are involved in things like using Android to control lighting and electricity for big companies and big cities, audio control devices for high-end cars and even long distance printer control! As you can see there are so many different and cool things and ideas out there – and all to do with Android!

One of the reasons that we were at the conference was as we were the Networking Partner for the event and whilst this was the first time that we have visited this great country, we have no doubt that India will be seeing a lot more of us in the future. There are several developers in India that we work with and we are looking forward to reaching out to the many other Android developers and companies in India!

Our next stop is in San Francisco, California where we will be attending AnDevCon III as a gold sponsor! If you are in the bay area then please come past and say hi and we will even give you some great SWAG to show you how much we care! See you there!

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