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Two weeks ago, StartApp attended the bi-annual AndevCon. This is a conference that is 100% focused on Android. As a result of being the biggest independent Android event in the world it attracts hundreds of developers and Android enthusiasts for classes, workshops, keynote lectures and networking and most importantly, a lot of freebies!

The latest edition of the expo took place at a convention center in Burlingame, California, just south of San Francisco and at the heart of Silicon Valley.

The classes and workshops that are run throughout the 4 day event are the main focus of the conference. In these classes and workshops, developers are taught and shown how to build better apps that will also get noticed, creative apps that will link to their enterprise as well how to market and distribute their apps better. The event proudly hosts some of the biggest names in the Android developer world. The speakers have had hands on experience and as a result, give very high-level classes. The attendees are mostly developers, and mostly advanced ones at that.

Andevcon attracts visitors from all over the world! There were delegates from over 30 countries worldwide in attendance. Those delegates also come from a whole variety of industries including independent developers to even delegates from the Mining and Oil industries!

Our very own Ariel Shimoni made the long trek to the cold of San Francisco to attend the conference! Once he was there, he managed to chat to a large number of developers about their apps and how they manage (or not manage as it turned out) to monetize their apps. Quite a few of them expressed great interest in the StartApp platform and we look forward to helping them make money from their apps!

Being the busy bee that he is, Ariel also managed to meet up with the sponsors of AnDevCon. He also managed to observe the work of some of our competitors and other Android related companies. This was all done to help us improve the service we offer our developers! Some of the companies that he chatted to included PayPal, ZooZ, Leadbolt, Pontiflex, Crittercism, Wimmlabs, battery powered games Apress, Bitbar and Airpush. Ariel even managed to have a chat with the organizers of the event itself and was given some great insights and information about the conference so don’t be surprised if you see him back there next time with a booth too! Finally, and possibly most importantly, he arrived back in Israel with a suitcase full of swag for the guys in the office, so we are all set with pens, t-shirts and knick-knacks for quite some time now.

We highly recommend that all developers, both Android and iPhone, do what they can to make sure that they attend the next event. They will learn a fortune about the proper way to develop and market apps as well as get some great information on the booming world of Android.

All in all it was a great experience and we are looking forward to the next conference!

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  1. yes it was nice ! I just discovered myself on one of the pictures :-D Greetings to Ariel I hope we see us next year on the conference !

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