Samsung Announces Android Wallet with Open API

Posted on February 27th, 2013 by

Today, Samsung announced at the Mobile World Congress that they are releasing Wallet, an Android ticketing and coupon app to compete directly with Apple’s Passbook.  Users will be able to store things like concert tickets, coupons, membership cards and boarding passes in one centralized application.




Location based services will also be enabled, sending push notifications to alert users when they are nearby where their stored passes could be used.  Imagine walking down the street and being notified that your favorite restaurant nearby is having a special for card members at that moment.


Retailers and service providers can simply scan the barcode screen of the device for users to redeem their services.


The API is open, which means you can almost guarantee that there will be an large amount of brands and stores available to use in the app in the near future.  They are already beginning their launch with a sizable stable of brands, including Walgreens, Expedia, and Lufthansa among others.


Throughout the blogosphere there is already criticism of the app as being too similar to Apple’s Passbook.  Comparisons have been made to the logos of both apps as well as the user interface.  What do you think?  Does it matter that their similar?  Leave your comments below.


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