Updates from Google and Apple: What Developers Can Expect

Posted on March 18th, 2014 by

There have been rumors as well as public announcements from both Apple and Google over the past few days. For Apple, rumors have been circling almost non-stop about iOS 8, the new update to Apple’s mobile operating system. On Google’s front, the company just announced some major updates for Google Play game services ahead of the Game Developers Conference this week.


What iOS Devs Should Watch Out For:


Though the official announcement of iOS 8 is still months away (it is rumored to be released around the time of Apple’s developer conference), it doesn’t stop the internet from speculating about what iOS 8 will change from iOS 7. In addition to increased speed and stability, here are a few proposed updates:

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Apps We Love: Oldify by Apptly

Posted on March 11th, 2014 by

The developers at Apptly have taken the facial disfiguration apps to an awesome new level. With their app Oldify, users are prompted to either take a selfie or choose an image from the photo library. After indicting where the eyes, mouth, and chin are, the user can “oldify”!


(Just remember: don’t smile!)


To differentiate it from other facial disfiguration apps, the developers of Oldify animated the photos. Now you can see your faux-old self blink, smile, and yawn at you; it will even follow your finger with its eyes if you drag it across the screen. If you poke its forehand, your face will mutate into a hilarious expression.


Users can unlock new features through in-app purchases, enabling them to make their pictures look even older or add in some equally funny animations.

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7 Apps to Keep You Safe

Posted on March 4th, 2014 by

About the Author: John Richardson is Business Development Manager at Acclaimed Security – a security firm based in Leeds, UK, providing security services across Yorkshire.

From Flappy Birds to Candy Crush saga, the majority of apps are designed to keep us entertained and make those long morning commutes seem more bearable. Other apps, however, boast more practical applications. With our smartphones and tablets capable of doing so much, shouldn’t they be capable of helping to keep us safe, too? Take a look at our pick of 7 apps designed to better improve your security and safety.


Lookout Security & Antivirus, Android & iOS


Here in the 21st century, our belongings and personal wellbeing are at greater risk than ever before. One of the most prominent risks of the present day is the threat of cybercrime, but fortunately, there are numerous apps available to help protect your smartphones and tablets from cybercriminals. Lookout Security & Antivirus is one of the best of these.

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Guest Post: 6 Apps for the International Business Traveler

Posted on January 7th, 2014 by

About the Author: Dylan Adams is a writer from Tampa, Florida. He graduated from the University of South Florida.  When he’s not following the latest tech news, he is either at the beach or watching an NBA basketball game.





When you’re traveling internationally, there are many things you have to worry about – energy outlets changing, currency conversions. One thing you don’t have to worry about, though, are the applications on your smartphone. Unless they use the Internet, you should be able to use them anywhere.


Here are a few apps you should have on your device at all times:


Currency Helps You Manage Your Money


There’s nothing worse than feeling alone in a foreign city. Not only are you unable to understand anyone, but you’re confused about its currency. Fortunately, that’s where this app comes in. Titled Currency, this app is available on iOS systems for $1. It mixes a clean interface with swipe-based gestures to create a user-friendly application. The app packs in more than 160 currency options, so no matter where you are, help is only a tap away.

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A Look Ahead: Mobile Trends for 2014

Posted on January 2nd, 2014 by

In the year 2013, we saw several mobile markets mature such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, we saw other markets emerge such as wearables and other “internet of things” technologies like smart cars and smart homes. Now that the year 2014 is upon us, we are taking a look back at the big trends of 2013 and how they will fare in 2014 and beyond.


First for some general trends:


In 2014, PC sales will continue to drop as smartphones and tablets become more universal. Smartphone sales are expected to grow by 12% in 2014, and tablets are expected to grow by 18%.


Revenues from the app market are also expected to explode, and most of that revenue is expected to come from free apps. In-app purchases will continue to drive huge sales for developers, especially as mobile payment systems become more advanced and localization technologies are perfected. In addition, mobile advertising is expected to boom in 2014, with mobile ad spend set to reach $20.3 billion USD. Most of that growth will come from rich media as microvideo ads will soon replace static banner advertisements.

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Guest Post: 7 Interactive and Free Websites for Programmers

Posted on December 23rd, 2013 by

About the Author: Alisha is a professional software engineer and author. She writes programming assignments for students at Assignment Arena. You can contact her on Facebook.




Programming is a highly creative and skilled task which requires constant practice. Programmers apply codes or set of codes in order to achieve a certain result. They have to literally script for hours to produce something as minute as a moving object. We use the various forms of their creation on daily basis. Click on the start menu button and you will see a pop-up menu. Press the play button of your media player and you can listen to your playlist. All these are possible thanks to the resourceful minds of programmers.


Programmers can also be called digital architects. They have all the tools and techniques to analyze, create and integrate digital contents. A programmer is highly valuable in the job market for his sharp skills. In fact, many organizations offer them a handsome salary or compensation. This is why majority of students seek courses in programming to build their career in this field.


In this list, I have laid out some online sources that you can use to build and refine your skills as a potential programmer.

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Guest Post: How Android Can Help You Go Green

Posted on December 17th, 2013 by


About the Author: L. Robinson is a full-time writer who wants to save the world. She’s a big believer that there really is an app for everything, especially health-related subjects.




The idea of going green is no longer the sole domain of your crunchy, neo-hippy neighbor or your college age niece who’s busy picking up new ideas on campus; it’s now an essential aspect of daily life for everyone. If you’re invested in making sure the world is a better, safer place for your children, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren, it’s time for you to pick a new favorite color. You don’t even have to put forth a lot of effort, because there are dozens of ways your Android device can make you eco-friendlier.


Improve Your Footprint with Green Footprint Calculator

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Guest Post: 7 Smart Home Apps You Wish You’d Thought Of

Posted on December 10th, 2013 by

About the Author: This guest post was written by Cara Giaimo, a blogger for SimpliSafe. She would set her Hue lights to look like a diner at dusk. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security is making its way to the top of its industry.




Sick of your refrigerator not listening to you? You’re in luck — the day is coming when you’ll be able to order your house around with the push of a button or the swipe of a finger. As we get closer and closer to the Internet of Things, appliances, personal electronics, and other household necessities are some of the first to cross over. By the end of 2012, there were 3.5 million home automation systems installed in North America, and the future is even brighter — research suggests that by 2018, the “smart home” industry will experience a growth boom, eventually hitting $25 billion. App developers, you know what that means: the time to break in is now.


Here are a few things that are going on now — and a few holes that an enterprising developer might do well to fill.


Energy Management and Climate Control


Nest Learning Thermostat. $249.


What it has: Nest can be controlled from its very well designed hub (that iconic little circle with the temperature right in the middle) and also from your smartphone. It’s easy to adjust (just turn the dial) and it learns your habits. After a week, it’ll be adjusting the temperature for you based on your personalized schedule. It also has an away mode that will save you money by turning the thermostat down when you’re not at home. When the leaf appears, that means the small adjustment you just made …

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App Development: The Next Frontier

Posted on November 26th, 2013 by

As the smartphone market continues to mature, some people are already looking ahead to the next big thing. When Apple introduced the iPhone, the smartphone revolution had officially begun. However, there has not yet been a similar product released in the realm of the “internet of things” that has brought regular consumers to the market. But companies are investing more time and money into developing the next big tech revolution, and app developers have a change to get in on the ground floor of a (slowly) emerging market.


Smart Houses


The idea for a fully connected “smart” house is not a new one, but the idea is finally becoming reality today. Household items like thermostats and smoke alarms are already being digitized. Manufacturers are already developing kitchen appliances which can be controlled by an app. And, as Smart TVs become more popular, more opportunities will arrive to fully digitize the home.

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The Best Devices for the Holidays

Posted on November 22nd, 2013 by

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is one week away! With technology retailers slashing prices and offering mega-deals, it is the perfect time to pick up a new device as a gift to someone (or for yourself). We picked the top tablet and top smartphone from each of the 3 major mobile operating systems to help you make the right decision this holiday season!


Windows Phone


Windows Phone has firmly cemented itself as the third most-popular mobile operating system. Even though it is in a distant third place, Windows has some remarkably good phones and tablets. At the top of the list are the Surface 2 Pro and the Nokia Lumia 1020. Each device offers a really solid user experience without any bells or whistles, making them the ideal choice for someone who is not necessarily tech-savvy.

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