App Updates and Proper Versioning

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One of the keys to long term success on the app stores is releasing occasional app updates. Updates help address user concerns and will keep your app “fresh” in the minds of your users. If you wish to keep your app live for a long time, you will most likely release a sizable amount of app updates. If this is the case, how will you keep track of how many updates you have completed, and how will potential users know that you are actively updating your app?


Below are some of the most common types of app updates and how to use proper software versioning to help you, your users, and the app stores keep track:


Types of Updates:


Bug Fix (Revision):


The most common updates are usually big fixes. Bug fixes usually won’t change the structure or UI/UX of the app, but they do patch up any bugs or issues caught by users as they are trying out your app.  Developers should try to roll out bug fixes as soon as possible after a bug is reported.



It could be that you are receiving a lot of bug reports from users all at once. How do you decide which to fix? Focus first on the bugs that affect the highest number of users, and then categorize others based on the severity of the bug.


You can keep track of bug fixes through proper software versioning. Software versioning usually follows this pattern: major version.minor version.revision


According to the common number scheme for software versioning, any bug fixes are considered minor revision updates. So, once you update version 1.0 of your app with your first bug fix, your versioning number should read: 1.0.1 (major version 1, minor version 0, revision 1)

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The State of the App Stores: Q1 2014

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App Annie has just released their quarterly app intelligence report which tracks trends across the mobile app industry. Although there haven’t been any dramatic changes in the app industry from last quarter, there are still some important things that app developers should know, especially in regards to which countries are important to target:


Google Play Leads Downloads:



In terms of downloads, Google Play outpaces the iOS App Store by 45% (up 35% from last quarter). Google Play has consistently had more downloads than the App Store for a few months now, but it is worth nothing where these downloads are coming from.


The largest download growth was seen in Russia, Brazil, and Mexico, with Mexico seeing the most dramatic growth. The Mexican mobile market grew by 75% in 2013, and it is expected to grow 40% in 2014. So far, 65% of all mobile growth in Mexico has been on Android-powered devices.

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Make Your Mobile Ads More Effective

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The mobile advertising industry is booming. In 2013 alone, the mobile ad industry pulled in over $8 billion USD, and it is estimated to grow to $17 billion by 2017! Mobile ads already make up 1/10th of the total internet/digital ad market. Small and independent companies are going to have more and more competition from big brands as the mobile ad industry matures.


To compete in an ever more crowded field, focus on these 4 areas to make your ads more effective:




Before you even begin to imagine or design an advertisement for you app, you need to look at the data. Who do you want to be targeting with your ad? If your app’s audience is middle-aged businessmen, you should create an ad with those users in mind. Similarly, if your app’s audience is young, mobile gamers, you should create an ad that would appeal to them.


After all, you want to attract even more like-minded users who will not only be inspired to download your app, but will also be much more likely to open and use your app after download.

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Referral Program Now Available for iOS Developers!

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Ever since debuting our referral program last year, we have happily given out thousands of dollars in bonuses to our Android developers! Now, we want to extend this awesome opportunity to our iOS developers, too!


Unfamiliar with our referral program? Here’s how it works:


Any current StartApp developer, Android or iOS, can simply log in to the developer portal and start sending out referral emails to their friends and colleagues.


If your friend decides to sign up and integrate with StartApp after seeing your referral email, you will start receiving your referral bonus based on your friend’s downloads (Android only) or impressions (iOS and Android).


Your friend will even see a little extra bonus, too!


Here’s how you get paid:


Remember: You will only receive a referral bonus based on downloads if you refer an Android developer. All developers, Android or iOS, are eligible to receive referral bonuses based on impressions.


Not a StartApp developer? Register with StartApp today


Already a StartApp developer? Click here to refer a friend!


If you have any questions, please email, or contact your account manager


Introducing Two New & Improved SDKs

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We are happy to announce the introduction of two new and improved StartApp SDKs: the updated InApp SDK and the InApp Plus SDK. Below, we explain each SDK and what they offer in addition to an in-depth explanation for why we decided to implement these changes:


Updated InApp SDK:


In addition to our banner ads, full-page ads, and app walls, the updated InApp SDK includes our new and improved Slider ad unit and our new Native Ad unit.


Though similar to our old Search Box SDK, the Slider ad unit does not make any changes to the user’s browser settings. Slider ads will take the form of our familiar slider menu, which the user can swipe open from the side of their screen. From this menu, the user can browse through a list of free apps whenever they choose.


To learn more about our new Native Ad unit, click here

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Introducing Native Ads!

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We are proud to announce the release of our newest ad type, the Native ad!


The newest addition to our InApp SDK, our Native Ad template will give you the freedom to design advertisements that can mimic the look and feel of your application’s native user interface. By taking the components that we provide in our native ads bundle, you can create an advertisement that will not only match the look of your app but also match the layout, content, and functionality.



When using our Native Ad template, you will receive a bundle containing a set of generic native ad components such as: an app icon in 4 different sizes, an app name, an app category, an app rating, and an app description, and more. You can mix and match these 5 different pieces to create an advertisement that blends in seamlessly with your app.

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Is Your App Press-Friendly? 4 Must-Haves to Be Featured by Journalists

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Author: Matt Lindley; follow him on Twitter: @MattELindley


Everyone knows the importance of good app marketing in making sure your app is a success, but not everyone is aware of the critical role PR plays in the process. PR could in fact be your most powerful channel for acquiring new customers without spending a fortune – and you needn’t hire a PR agency to do it.


Having already published a guide to the basics, this post focuses on four things that every app needs in order to earn press coverage. Ultimately, what it amounts to is making sure it’s as easy as possible for journalists to find you and write about you. So, without further ado, here’s how to get press-friendly


A Twitter Account


I love Twitter. A dedicated Twitter handle is a really quick and easy way to get your app on the radar of tech bloggers and journalists, just by hitting the follow button. It’s a great business tool; if you want to build relationships with prospects before pitching the story, you can retweet their stuff or tweet at them where relevant. In the process, you’ll probably gain more followers, too, which can only be a good thing.

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User Retention: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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Getting users to download your app is much different than getting users to use your app. A recent report found that 80-90% of users removed an app from their device after only one use! This means that it is more important than ever for app developers to make a powerful first impression on a user. Below are 5 things a developer should avoid in order to master the art of the first impression:




It can be tempting to ask a user to register with your app before they use it. This way, you’ll be able to gather information about them which will be used to personalize their experience or to bolster your marketing efforts. However, reports show that over 50% users will abandon an app if they have to register before exploring its features. If you want to keep some of those users, consider delaying the registration process until a) they want to access a specific part of your app reserved for registered customers only or b) they open your app for the second time.


Also, if you integrate social media into your login process, allow users the option of registering without integrating their social media profiles. Not everyone wants to share their activities constantly with their social networks.

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The Importance of a Sleek App Design

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About the Author: Kayla Matthews is a business productivity blogger with a passion for startups and independent creations. Follow her on Google+ and Twitter, or check out her blog Productivity Theory, to get updates on her latest posts!


With about one million apps in the Apple store and more than 1.1 million Android apps on the market, differentiating your particular app among a seemingly endless sea of competitors is certainly not an easy task. Not only does your app have to add functionality to the user experience, it has got to carry a strong, user-friendly design that is easy to navigate and easy on the eye.


When it comes to digitization, we live in an increasingly cluttered world. With over two million apps on the market—a number that inches upwards every single day—it is imperative that designers sculpt their apps in such a way that grabs the attention of the potential user. Human beings are very visual creatures, and even if you design the strongest, most helpful app, if the interface looks horrible, there is a great chance that the popularity of the app will never take off.

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StartApp Partners With Fiverr

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We are proud to announce a brand new partnership with Fiverr!


Fiverr is an online and mobile marketplace where registered users can sell their expertise and services for as little as $5. Available for both iOS and Android, the Fiverr app allows you to browse through thousands of “gigs”, or services for sale, ranging from music composition to mobile app icon design.


And from now until the end of April, StartApp developers are eligible for a special deal on Fiverr!


Be one of the first 1,000 developers to purchase a gig on Fiverr, and we will reimburse your $5 purchase. It’s as simple as that! You will be able to choose between dozens of gigs which will help you improve your app, whether it is updating the design of your UI or creating a professional-looking app icon.


But, remember to act fast! Only the first 1,000 StartApp developers will be eligible


Browse all available gigs on Fiverr now —->



Have any questions or concerns? Please email us at



(Limited to mobile app services only; limit one $5 bonus per StartApp/Fiverr account)





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